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Infinite and Alljong!

Colossians 3:12

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My gender is pizza because everyone wants a piece of me

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Below are links on what to do/how to vote/tutorials etc. on how to help infinite win on music shows ^_^ 

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→ Anonymous whispered : I dont think those are their instagrams they look very fake

maybe you’re right. The photo’s they posted on their supposed instagrams seem very like them though. 

Hoya: He usually posts mainly selcas with other members (i.e. Sj bc he favors the maknae over everyone tbh), group shots and a few straight up selca’s.

Sungyeol: He posts very ‘chodding’ things like Yuremi his cat, or him making funny faces.

Sungjong: Lbr, he mainly posts selcas. 

Their instagrams seem on point with what they tend to post on twitter but hey, I could be wrong.